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Ambulatory Phlebectomy

Ambulatory phlebectomy or microphlebectomy is a minimally invasive treatment to treat chronic venous insufficiency or various veins. Doctors recommend this treatment to people with severe varicose vein symptoms. In this post, you will find some basic information on ambulatory phlebectomy and how this treatment helps with varicose veins.

Ambulatory Phlebectomy Surgeon NYC

Ambulatory phlebectomy is a common treatment for varicose veins, especially when the bulging vein is at the skin’s surface. The vein surgeon removes the bulging vein from the body. Therefore, this procedure removes every symptom of the condition. Many people consider this treatment for cosmetic appearance.

On the other hand, radiofrequency ablation and endovenous laser ablation seals the veins instead of removing them. The body absorbs the vein over time. These methods are effective as well. But, the recovery process for cosmetic results is longer.

Why You Need Ambulatory Phlebectomy?

You can take ambulatory phlebectomy for painful and bulging varicose veins. Traditionally, you have to undergo surgery to remove varicose veins. But today, numerous less invasive treatment options are available that include a couple of tiny incisions. These are outpatient procedures with minimal recovery time and discomfort. You might undergo this procedure for:

  • Varicose veins
  • Superficial veins

What is the Ambulatory Phlebectomy Procedure?

A skilled doctor who specializes in vein health evaluates the venous condition and recommends an ambulatory phlebectomy. They share pre and post-treatment instructions. Furthermore, they check medical history and prescriptions.

Before the treatment, they inject local anesthesia to prevent pain during the process. However, you are conscious throughout the procedure. With the help of ultrasound, they will mark the vein with the marker. When the area around the vein is numb, they will make a tiny incision. Usually, the incisions are the size of the pencil lead. Then they will insert the instrument inside the incision and pull out the faulty vein. Some patients experience painless pull during the procedure. Now the doctor will remove the bulging vein and seal the cuts.

Since this is a non-invasive treatment, you will be able to work after the procedure. However, you shouldn’t put pressure on the legs for 24-48 hours. This means you should lift heavy weights during this time. Once the doctor puts a bandage on the incision, you can leave the clinic. The doctor will ask you to wear compression stockings to prevent blood clotting.

After the procedure, your body will redirect the blood circulation to healthy veins. If there are multiple bulging veins, you might visit the doctor multiple times. The duration between appointments depends on the recovery process. The complete procedure will take around 30 to 60 minutes. The duration depends on the severity of the veins. This is a safe treatment and requires less recovery time.

Number of Visits

Usually, the doctor will remove the varicose vein on a single visit. But, the visits depend on the severity and number of varicose veins. The doctor will repeat the process, in case the varicose veins reappear. The bulgy vein might reappear if you don’t wear compression stockings.

After the treatment, you should follow a specific diet and increase your daily exercise duration. Also, keep your legs elevated, whenever you sit and wear compression stockings or socks.

Ambulatory Phlebectomy Veins

Are You a Perfect Candidate for Ambulatory Phlebectomy?

If you have varicose veins, this treatment process is suitable for you. Furthermore, if traditional vein reduction or vein stripping treatments are ineffective, the doctor will recommend ambulatory phlebectomy. The ideal candidate for this treatment includes people suffering from a venous condition. Also, the procedure is suitable for every age group. Also, when you will visit the healthcare provider, they will evaluate your condition. They will recommend the treatment process only if you are healthy.

Other Treatment Options

Keep in mind that ambulatory phlebectomy isn’t the only treatment option. There are numerous other advanced procedures such as radiofrequency ablation therapy, sclerotherapy, or laser treatments. The doctor will recommend effective treatment after complete analysis. For mild varicose conditions, the doctor will recommend a non-invasive treatment plan. If you want to choose the right technique for varicose veins, you should schedule an appointment with the doctor.

Ambulatory Phlebectomy: Conclusion

Do you feel shy about the appearance of your legs? Do you notice bulging veins on your legs? If yes, then you could visit a vein specialist in New York to treat the appearance of these veins. The Vascular Surgery and Vein Center remove varicose veins from legs and can improve your overall body confidence. You don’t have to feel insecure when you wear your favorite dresses, shorts, and skirts!

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