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How Do I Remove Unsightly Veins?

Unsightly veins can become more common because of less active routine and unhealthy habits. This condition is more common in women than men. These veins can affect the appeal of your hands and feet, causing nervousness and decreasing your confidence. Thanks to advancements in the health sector, treating these veins with painless techniques is possible. So if you don’t feel confident showing your legs and cannot wear skirts to hide your spider veins, this article can help.

Development of Varicose Veins

After undergoing vascular treatments, many women love the appeal of their legs again. Below, we will discuss some techniques that experts suggest to their clients suffering from this venous condition.

The bulging veins that you see on your legs and feet with the twisted structure are your valves’ abnormality. These conditions are initially harmless, but the severity may increase as the blood pools inside your veins. Varicose veins include different types of symptoms depending on the cause of your problem.

The varicose or spider veins will develop if the valves inside your veins are unable to maintain the blood’s forward flow. When your veins transfer blood from the legs to the heart, they need the pressure to work against gravity. To cope with this situation, we have valves inside our veins. When the veins’ linings push the blood forward as we move, the valves hold it to prevent downward motion.

Whereas, when the valves are unable to perform their functions for any reason, the blood remains floating at a similar vein. And when the veins lose their ability to pass the blood forward, blood will remain stagnant. This can be an issue when more blood rushes inside from the previous valves as the veins start to fill-in with blood. This causes the vein to bulge up and become more prominent.

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How to Remove Unsightly Veins

There are numerous techniques to remove these bulging veins. However, a professional vein specialist will recommend you the best treatments available. Below we will discuss these treatments, so you should know what you have to undergo during these surgeries.

1.    Sclerotherapy

The sclerotherapy technique does not include much pain, especially when an experienced surgeon is performing the treatment. This technique only includes injection that the expert will inject in your varicose vein. The specialist’s solution for removing the vein will be sticky that closes the ends instantly. Although this treatment looks harmless, there can be complications during the procedure that can lead to pain and other risk factors.

For instance, if an unprofessional vein specialist injects the solution into your muscle, you can experience severe pain and infection. This can happen if the specialist pushes the needle too far and penetrating the vein completely. Therefore, you should consult with a surgeon or vein specialist who has enough experience.

This technique for removing the vein has numerous variations, each of which increases the success rate of the technique. For example, in the ultrasound-guided technique, the doctor will precisely inject the solution inside the vein through ultrasound imaging.

2.    Laser Therapies

Laser technology includes a high beam of light that produces enough heat to damage the cells in the lining of your vein. This treatment is basically an advanced version of a traditional method that involved radiofrequency to generate the heat.

The surgeon will insert a thin tube inside your vein. This tube includes an optic laser device that shoots high sensitive laser beams to close the veins. By closing your damaged veins, blood will no longer pool inside the vein. The circulation flows normally diverting towards other healthy veins. On the other hand, this technique shrinks the vein, so the tissues consider that vein damaged. As a result, the tissues start to absorb the vein, and it eventually disappears after time.

Another version of this treatment does not include a tube to insert the laser technology inside the vein. In this technique, the professional surgeon will trace the damaged vein to damage the cells inside the veins. This technique is perfect for tiny varicose and spider veins.

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There are many reasons why many people prefer Vascular Surgery and Vein Center. One of them the satisfaction they feel when they see how their feet and hands look after treating themselves. Dr. Norman Chideckel is an experienced vein specialist and vascular surgeon. He will diagnose your condition and locate the main reason for the development of these unsightly varicose and spider veins.

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