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Getting Your Legs Ready For Summer

Who does not crave a perfect day at the beach with the sun shining bright and wind blowing fast. Perhaps you want to see the high tides while wearing your new sandy toes.

Such a mesmerizing summer day requires an attractive pair of shorts and a tank top. Unfortunately, varicose or spider veins all over your leg can kill whole excitement for you. Therefore, you must get your legs ready for the summer so you don’t regret missing out on all the fun later.

For years, people have considered varicose veins as a cosmetic problem, but not anymore as many skin specialists have realized the long term risks involved. Thus, several treatments and prevention options have emerged for eradicating the occurrence of varicose veins on the skin of the legs.

Consider the following tips to get rid of any bulging veins on your legs. After all, summer needs a full glam.

Work Out

Summer demands for a toned-up body. Thus, a daily workout routine will help you prevent spider and varicose veins appearing on the legs.


Exercise is one way to improve blood circulation, which means there will be no clotting in the veins of your legs. As a result, you will have zero inflammation and the veins won’t bulge out onto the skin of the leg. Secondly, it will also help to strengthen the leg muscles. Furthermore, the valves in the vein will keep working and maintaiing one-way circulation of the blood.

All in all, consistent workout session is important as it leads to toned up legs and prevents varicose veins from appearing on your legs.

Varicose Vein Treatment

Winter is the best time to get a varicose vein treatment. The reason being, you can easily conceal your legs during the treatment until the varicose veins completely heal and disappear.

Varicose veins occur when the veins have weak walls, resulting in the blood pooling in one area. Thus, the veins start appear onto your legs.

There are several ways to treat this condition, such as exercise, changing sitting, standing and resting position etc. But if the condition worsens, then surgical treatment is advisable. Surgery options include endovenous laser and radiofrequency ablation.

Healthy Diet

Eating healthy food is the key to a good summer body. One of the reasons for the veins bulging out on the skin is the clotting of the vein vessel with heavy cholesterol molecules.

Avoiding high cholesterol foods and focusing on consuming fruits and greens can clear up your skin from all the vascular problems.

Stay Hydrated

Major reason for vascular dysfunction happens due to disruption in the blood circulation in the veins. Therefore, staying hydrated will eradicate this problem by helping you maintain the blood circulation, preventing clotting, inflammation, an ulcer on the leg, and intense itching.

Bottom Line

According to a psychological study, a person feels good from the inside only when they look good from the outside. Therefore, if you want to let yourself loose this summer, then it is essential to treat your varicose veins and do everything that prevents their occurrence.

For further queries about varicose and spider veins visit Norman Chideckel, MD, at the Vascular Surgery and Vein Center, and book yourself an appointment. The specialists at Norman Chideckel have the experience that can help you achieve the perfect summer legs in no time.

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