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What is Vein Ligation and Stripping?

What is vein ligation and stripping? There are many issues which may arise with regard to veins and the vascular system as a whole. Sometimes the medical issues are easily treatable, such as removing pesky spider veins or having other varicose veins treated, whereas other medical conditions may be a bit more tedious to treat. Venous disease is something which is a bit more involved than simply getting rid of a few spider veins. Fortunately, there is a procedure known as vein ligation and stripping which can help. So, what is vein ligation and stripping, you ask? Read on for all of the finer details regarding vein ligation and stripping.

Understanding Vein Ligation and Stripping

The process of ligation is the tying of the veins done through a small incision cut into the skin in order to prevent the pooling of blood. Ligation is often used in conjunction which something known as stripping, which is the removal of the vein. Sometimes the vein is removed through a surgical procedure called venous ablation. Vein ligation and stripping is a bit more involved than other varicose vein removal procedures and all aspects of this treatment method can be brought up with your doctor.

What is Vein Ligation and Stripping Used For?

Vein ligation and stripping is used to remove varicose veins, although less invasive procedures are often considered first. This type of treatment method is a bit more invasive than other options as it often requires a general anesthesia and has a few weeks recovery time. Although varicose vein removal is sometimes sought after for cosmetic reasons, it is also needed for health-related reasons as well, such as when you experience pain and throbbing in the legs, have skin sores and ulcers, experience blood clots, and have bleeding from the veins. This more invasive procedure is usually considered as a treatment method when the varicose veins must be thoroughly treated and removed to address medical conditions.

Is There a Lengthy Recovery Time with Vein Ligation and Stripping?

Since the vein ligation and stripping procedure entails general anesthesia being administered and this type of vascular treatment method is more invasive, it stands to reason that a longer recovery time will be needed. After you have the vein ligation and stripping procedure performed, you can expect to have a few weeks of recovery time, in general. You should note that the more serious and invasive a surgery is, the more time you might need to recover from a procedure of this type.

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