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Minimally Invasive Vein Surgery

What is minimally invasive vein surgery? The term “varicose veins” refers to veins that have jumbled up to look like a spider. Legs, ankles and feet are the spots where they usually occur. Individuals with varicose veins experience pain and discomfort in their legs and feet. Since varicose veins are just beneath the surface of your skin, they are very noticeable. Increased blood pressure in veins mainly causes them to happen.

To relieve irritation and discomfort, there are several treatment options available for vein conditions like varicose veins and spider veins. Here, we will look at one of the latest treatment options – minimally invasive vein surgery.

Vein Function

Veins have a vital role in the circulatory system. Their function is to carry blood back to the heart with the help of their valves. In the case of varicose veins, these valves tend to deform. As a result, they do not perform their function properly. This is a common problem in older people.

Minimally Invasive Vein Surgery Options

Typically, this condition is not very serious. However, if it becomes extremely bothersome to the extent that it comes in the way of your routine activities, then you need to consider, minimally invasive vein surgery. One such option is, ‘Sclerotherapy’, which involves the injecting of a sclerosant (chemical solution containing medicine).

This solution targets the varicose veins and causes them to shrink so that the blood goes towards healthier veins. It contains sodium-tetradecyl-sulphate and usually, only a well-trained dermatologist performs it.

Internal therapy is another method of endovenous techniques. With the help of ultra sound examination, the doctor spots the affected veins. The method requires a small catheter that produces radiofrequency energy when it reaches the vein. This energy damages the vein and the blood shifts to other healthier veins. Your specialist will ask you to wear compression socks after your internal therapy, to ensure smooth blood flow.

Surface therapy or laser therapy targets varicose and spider veins by applying laser techniques to the affected veins. It is applied to the surface of the skin and is external, hence the term, surface. The laser emissions produce heat that helps shrink and destroy varicose veins. It is a need-less process but that does not guarantee the fact that there will be no pain. There can be stinging and pain, if it gets intense, you can apply a good quality numbing gel.

Endogenous and exogenous approaches to vein treatment exist. Exogenous are methods that are external and nonsurgical, such as, compression stocking method. While, endogenous ones treat venous valvular deformities and require hospitalization. Minimally invasive treatment options are relatively safer and mostly anesthesia free.

You can go back to your routine almost immediately after treatment, in fact, brisk walk is advisable for proper blood flow. The success rate of applying such methods is pretty high, 75% to 80% patients find relief and see improved results.


If you have noticed intense pain in your leg veins and pressure in your ankles and you are unable to walk, then you have varicose veins that require medical attention. If you are overweight, these conditions will make you more uncomfortable so it is wise to shed some kilos and reduce the pressure in your legs.

 You must seek professional guidance from a trained professional. We can help you plan a healthier lifestyle and suggest treatment & therapy options that will improve your condition.

Schedule your appointment with the top vascular surgeon in NYC today and explore your options.

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Do I Need A Vascular Surgeon To Treat My Varicose Veins?

Varicose veins can get bothersome and frustrating. If you have tried every natural method for prevention and control, but you still experience pain in your leg veins, it is time to visit a vascular surgeon. You have to go for a medical checkup if you start noticing that your blood is clotting.

Vascular surgeons recommend treatment options and medical procedures based on certain factors. These include, your age, extent of your varicose veins, severity of symptoms and existing health conditions (if any). Some people consider treatment because they want to get rid of the unpleasant look of purple veins that are very clearly visible. They do not cause pain, but also look ugly.

Vascular Treatment Options

If you are clueless as to what is going on with you and immense pain hinders your every-day activities, you need a vascular surgeon to treat your varicose veins. After thorough physical examination, your surgeon will get to the root of the problem. It is important to understand what is causing the pain so your doctor will explain to you the entire science.

Varicose veins get all disrupt the blood flow and doctors conduct medical procedure to close the deformed veins. The affected veins cause the blood to pool in one place. The doctors make the effort of shifting the pressure of the blood towards healthier veins through surgical procedures. There are various treatment procedures to close defected varicose veins.

Sclerotherapy is one of them. The doctors use a solution to shrink the veins. They might use the solution on your skin first. Your doctor will not proceed with this option if your body does not respond to this chemical well. It does not require anesthesia so slight pricking and stinging is normal.

Other than that, Endovenous Ablation Therapy also helps treat varicose veins. This is a very safe and effective procedure which involves the inserting of laser waves that target the deformed veins and makes them fade away. After the application of a numbing agent on your skin, the surgeon makes a small perforation in the skin for the thin tube that carries the device that emits laser waves. Once, finished, you will have to wear compression socks.

Endoscopic vein surgery is not a very difficult surgery but only a professional and experienced vascular surgeon should perform it. In this surgery, they insert a tiny camera on a thin tube with a surgical device at the end of it. It aids the surgeon in locating the exact spot of the vein and closes it using the device attached. You will need this treatment if you are suffering from skin ulcers.

In more severe case of varicose veins, vein ligation and stripping is the right treatment. Vascular surgeons typically give general anesthesia or medicine so that you don’t feel any pain. They reach the affected veins by making tiny cuts in your skin. They then tie them and remove them. This procedure is a little risky because there is a chance of inflammation. Recovery takes about 1 to 4 weeks after the treatment.


It is essential to know about your health conditions in detail so that you are well aware of the things you need to do and things you must avoid. You should know what activities trigger your vein pain, for example standing in one position for hours can increase pressure in the veins in your legs. You can learn about these intricacies and explore treatment options if you consult a vascular surgeon.

So what are you waiting for, schedule your appointment with the best vascular surgeon in NYC today!

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