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Microphlebectomy Procedure for Varicose Veins NYC


microphlebectomy-procedure-information-specialist-new-york-01Varicose veins are not only unappealing and embarrassing; they can also be painful and uncomfortable. Many patients choose Microphlebectomy for the removal of these large varicose veins. This is definitely an effective treatment that doesn’t require any major surgical procedure. While the smaller veins can be eliminated with procedures like sclerotherapy or injections, microphlebectomies are reserved for those veins that are too large to be effected by these other procedures.

Is This Procedure for Me?

The microphlebectomy is generally the chosen procedure for patients who want to eliminate pain cause by their varicose veins and improve their cosmetic appearance.  When the veins are removed, it is a permanent meaning the vein cannot return. Microphlebectomy is an easy procedure where patients quickly see positive result.  The entire procedure generally lasts less than thirty minutes.

Other veins may still develop in or around the same location but those that were removed are permanently gone. New veins can easily be eliminated through outpatient sclerotherapy injections.

How it’s Done

microphlebectomy-picture-top-varicose-doctor-nyc-02After a cosmetically acceptable incision is made in the leg, the vein is actually removed through the incision. Because the incision is so small, the doctor usually closes the opening with a small piece of surgical tape rather that applying stitches to close it.

After the doctor removes the vein from your leg, there is no negative result on the circulation or blood flow in the leg.  Blood that was supported by the removed vein is simply redirected to a healthier vein in the leg. Circulation of blood will continue better than before, just without the unsightly bulge in the leg.

What to Prepare for

Before performing a microphlebectomy, it is important to make certain that the other large veins in the leg have healthy function. An ultrasound examination is used to make sure there is not a faulty valve causing the larger veins to bulge.  If there are problems with valves or other veins, those problems will need to be addressed first to lower the chances of varicose veins returning.

Is a Microphelbectomy Safe?

best-microphlebectomy-varicose-veins-treatment-nyc-03Microphlebectomy is performed safely in a normal office setting using anesthesia to numb the area. After numbing occurs the small incision is made and the vein is carefully removed.  After removal you can usually continue normal activity immediately. You will see cosmetic improvements within minutes of the procedure. Within a week or two the minor bruising from the procedure will disappear. There is minimal pain from the actual procedure due to anesthesia, and the pain caused by the varicose vein is relieved upon the removal.

Microphlebectomies are not emergency procedures, so you want to be certain your experience is as risk free as possible. Choosing an experienced physician is a step in the right direction.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Norman Chideckel for a microphlebectomy consultation.