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Welcome to the Vascular Surgery and Vein Center, a comprehensive vascular practice providing state-of-the-art care to patients throughout the tri-state area. Under the direction of board-certified surgeon Dr. Norman Chideckel, we utilize our advanced skills and many years of experience to help patients achieve clear, beautiful and healthy legs.

With our convenient Manhattan location, Dr. Chideckel offers patients a wide range of services to treat varicose and spider veins, deep vein thrombosis, and other vascular conditions, including:

Dedicated to helping patients achieve their desired results through the most effective and minimally invasive treatments available, Dr. Chideckel and his staff take the time to talk with each individual patient and address any concerns or questions they may have before undergoing treatment. Your comfort and satisfaction are among our top priorities.

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Beyond Cosmetic Concerns: Health Risks of Untreated Vein Conditions

In this blog post, we’ll explore the potential health risks of untreated vein conditions and emphasize the importance of seeking appropriate medical treatment. Vein conditions, such as varicose veins and venous insufficiency, are not merely cosmetic issues. While their appearance can be a source of concern, the risks associated with vein conditions are equally significant.

Health Risks of Untreated Vein Conditions

Varicose Veins and Venous Insufficiency

Varicose veins are swollen, twisted veins that often appear on the legs and can cause discomfort, pain, and aching. Venous insufficiency occurs when the veins have difficulty returning blood to the heart, leading to blood pooling in the lower extremities. If left untreated, these conditions can lead to various health risks.

Potential Health Risks

1. Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

Untreated vein conditions can increase the risk of developing blood clots in the deeper veins, a condition known as deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Blood clots can block blood flow and pose a serious risk, potentially leading to pulmonary embolism if a clot travels to the lungs.

2. Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI)

Over time, untreated vein conditions can progress to chronic venous insufficiency, a condition characterized by ongoing symptoms such as swelling, pain, and skin changes. CVI can significantly impact your quality of life and lead to complications like venous ulcers.

3. Venous Ulcers

Untreated CVI can eventually result in venous ulcers, which are open sores that develop on the legs. These ulcers are painful, slow to heal, and can become infected, requiring medical intervention.

4. Skin Changes and Infections

Vein conditions can cause skin changes, including discoloration, thickening, and inflammation. These changes can make your skin more vulnerable to infections, which can be difficult to treat if your vascular health is compromised.

5. Aesthetic and Emotional Impact

Beyond physical health risks, vein conditions left untreated can have a negative impact on your self-esteem and emotional well-being. Discomfort and dissatisfaction with your appearance can lead to reduced quality of life.

Health Risks of Untreated Vein Conditions: Seeking Treatment

If you’re experiencing vein issues, seeking timely treatment is essential to prevent potential health risks. Consulting with a vascular specialist can help you understand the best treatment options for your condition and prevent further complications.

Contact Dr. Norman Chideckel for Vein Treatment

If you’re concerned about the health risks associated with untreated vein conditions, Dr. Norman Chideckel at the Vascular Surgery & Vein Center in New York City can provide expert guidance and personalized treatment plans. With years of experience, Dr. Chideckel can help you address your vein concerns and prevent potential health complications.

To schedule a consultation and learn more, reach out to us at:

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What Can You Do To Naturally Reduce Varicose and Spider Veins

Spider or varicose veins are very common vein conditions that can develop when tiny valves in the veins become weak and delicate. Varicose veins are easily visible because they appear dark purple and bubbly. Damaged veins mean blood can pool into them. Spider veins appear more fragile and are reddish blue in color, sitting beneath the surface of your skin.

Symptoms of Varicose & Spider Veins

Either varicose or spider, these conditions mostly target the person’s lower body i.e. legs and ankles. Obese individuals are more likely to develop these vein conditions because of the pressure in the lower body while standing. Spider veins can also target the face and become a cosmetic issue that requires dermatological attention. However, severe conditions may lead to circulatory issues that are rather alarming and serious.

Sufferers of these vein conditions experience intense pain, soreness and heaviness in their legs. Burning or tingling sensation in the legs is also common. Feet and ankles may swell up and the area surrounding the affected vein may itch badly.

Varicose or spider veins are easy to treat in most cases because our body relies on deeper veins for blood flow throughout the body. So, you don’t have to fear. However, if you are not able to sleep because of pain and your skin gets sore, know that it is time to seek medical help.

Natural Remedies to Reduce Symptoms of Varicose & Spider Veins

If you do not want to go for a treatment or therapy options, you can consider natural ways to reduce various and spider vein symptoms. Let’s look at some ways that will help you manage and improve your condition.

Firstly, make it a point to add physical movement and exercise to your routine. Regular exercise is essential for blood circulation in your legs. This will not only help regulate the blood collected in the veins but also keep your blood pressure in balance. You can sign up for yoga classes that aid in muscle relaxation and are very therapeutic. Or simply go for a half an hour brisk walk to the park.

Increase your fiber intake. Add fibrous foods to your diet, you can buy bran flakes as a grainy breakfast meal. Bananas, figs and lentils are also fiber rich foods. This will prevent the chances of constipation and bowel movement is important for treating damaged vessels. If you are over-weight, shed a few kilos so you can reduce some pressure from your lower body. Also, reduce sodium from your diet because salt tends to make swelling worse and causes bloating.

Purchase compression stockings that help contract veins. This is very helpful for regulating blood flow and applying pressure on your legs actually makes blood move back to the heart. Compression stockings are available at pharmacies and have successfully reduced vein related pain in many patients.

Try herbal remedies such as taking grape seed extract. Grape seed extract reduces swelling in the legs and is recommended to some suffering from chronic venous insufficiency. However, if you are on blood thinning medication as prescribed by a health professional, then avoid this remedy.

Additional tips include, avoid tight clothing, keeping your leg in an elevated position and massaging your leg very gently in order to reduce pain symptoms.


You can tackle your venous condition using these natural methods and be successful. However, if the pain gets severe and disrupts your circulatory system for a long time, then it is necessary to consult a specialist immediately. We can guide you better. Get in touch with the best specialist in NYC today and find out about your condition and treatment options in detail.

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Welcome to our new Varicose Vein Treatment blog.

Thank you for visiting our new blog. We will be discussing all things related to our practice of vascular surgery specializing in diseases of the veins.

Dr. Chideckel is an experienced, board certified vascular surgeon whom has dedicated his career to the treatment of venous diseases. He is one of New York City’s top authorities in treating vein problems. He performs both cosmetic and medical procedures to alleviate problems associated with veins. He is dedicated to helping patients by performing the most minimally invasive and the most effective treatments available.

The main goal of our treatments is to alleviate the symptoms of venous disease and improve the cosmetic appearance for our patients.

We treat all vein problems.

We treat all problems associated with veins. The most common problems that we treat are:

  • Varicose veins.
  • Spider veins.
  • Deep vein thrombosis.
  • Venous insufficiency.
  • Venous skin ulcers.
  • Reticular veins.

In future blogs, we will discuss in detail each of these problems.

Dr. Chideckel uses the most advanced equipment and procedures available in the treatment of varicose veins. The development of the endolaser has revolutionized phlebectomy procedures making traditional procedures for varicose veins almost obsolete. Dr. Chideckel is a pioneer and authority in the use of lasers is to treat varicose veins.

We perform the most advanced treatments for vein problems.

The most common treatments and services that we perform are:

  • Endovenous laser ablation of veins.
  • Venous ultrasound.
  • Ambulatory phlebectomy.
  • Sclerotherapy.
  • VeinGogh procedure.

In future blogs, we will discuss each one of these procedures in detail.

We hope you enjoy reading about venous diseases and treatments on our blog.

– Dr. Norman Chideckel and staff

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