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How to Keep Your Legs Healthy and Your Veins Invisible

Noticeable veins that are bluish purple in color can appear slightly unpleasant because they are right beneath the surface of your skin. This happens because valves in our veins weaken as we age and tend to swell due to blood pressure. It is also common in obese individuals.

Oftentimes, people get vein conditions like spider or varicose veins. As we age, we must do certain things to avoid and prevent such conditions and promote smooth blood circulation throughout the body. Here, you will read about ways to keep your legs healthy and free of vein problems. Read carefully, especially if you notice spider-like veins on your legs.

Vein Problems: Leg Vein Health Tips

Movement & Exercise

First and foremost, make movement your best friend. Physical movement is vital for circulation. So, avoid sitting or standing for hours. That will cause stiffness of muscles and soreness in the legs. If you work long hours and your job requires you to sit in one seat most of the time, take short breaks in between.

Go to the hallway for a short walk or climb a flight of stairs. Try taking the stairs instead of the lift. Install an app in your cell phone that monitors your heart rate and steps you take throughout the day. Set a step target for yourself.

Soothing Baths

After a tiring day at work, take a refreshing and soothing bath that will help you relax and revitalize your legs. Remember, the water must be cool because hot water showers tend to trigger veins dilation and swelling, which results in pain. Add working out to your routine and try to control your weight to keep muscles feet and prevent excessive blood pressure in your veins.

Good Shoes

In addition, invest in comfortable shoes that have a good quality sole. Do not wear heels often. Make it a ritual to gently massage your ankles and your feet every other night and keep your legs in an elevated position if you sense even a little bit of pain in your veins. You can even go to a professional masseuse for monthly massage therapies because they know all the pressure points. They use essential oils, which can be greatly benefitting for your skin and legs.

Veins & Pregnancy

The pressure in leg veins increases if you are pregnant. It is usually harmless and ignorable for some women. However, things can be irritating and uncomfortable for pregnant women who have hemorrhoids, which are varicose veins in the legs and rectum.

These veins make it hard for them to pass stool. In such a case, avoid sitting with your legs crossed and wear maternity panty hose which helps push blood back towards the heart. Go for brief walks everyday and wear the maternity support hose from initial days of your pregnancy to ensure healthy legs.

Veins & Age

For aging individuals, pharmacies stock compression stockings that regulate flow of blood and prevent valves from swelling up, which means blood can flow easily towards healthy veins that can carry it to the heart.


This brings us to the conclusion that prevention is better than cure. However, sometimes even those who are extra careful and apply all self-help ways still end up getting varicose veins or spider veins.

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