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I Have Spider Veins on My Legs! How do I Get Rid of Them?

Most people would love to have smooth, blemish-free skin without ever having to undergo treatments in order to do so. This is particularly true with spider veins, a common and milder type of varicose veins. However, it often takes a procedure to remove spider veins and promote blemish-free skin. So, if you exclaim, “I have spider veins on my legs! How do I get rid of them?” the following details will prove helpful in your quest.

What Are Spider Veins and How Do I Have Spider Veins on My Legs?

Spider veins are smaller red, blue, or purple vessels, which twist and turn under the skin. These are easily visible through the skin and are often seen on the face and legs. The spider veins appear on their own, however, there may be predispositions to acquiring spider veins related to heredity, occupations which involve a lot of standing, obesity, hormonal influences, birth control pill use, postmenopausal hormone replacement, history of blood clots, and conditions which cause increased pressure in the abdomen.

What Does Spider Vein Treatment Consist Of?

There are ways to treat and prevent the appearance of spider veins. These treatment and prevention methods range from at-home self-care options to treatment by a medical professional. For those who wish to treat their spider veins on their own, you can improve your circulation and help to prevent spider veins by exercising, elevating your legs, and alternate standing up and sitting down during work on a continual basis (depending on whether your job is more sedentary or mobile in nature). The at-home methods won’t treat spider veins which already exist, but will help to prevent new ones from popping up.

For treatment methods outside of the home, individuals suffering from spider veins can undergo sclerotherapy with the assistance of a medical health professional. Sclerotherapy is the most common type of spider vein treatment and entails getting chemical injections in the spider veins and then wearing compression stockings for one to two weeks after the treatment. This type of treatment method works to remove spider veins by making the vein walls stick together and preventing blood flow. This will also improve circulation and reduce swelling.

Another type of treatment for spider veins is laser treatment. A laser light will be directed at the veins and smaller spider veins might disappear immediately after treatment whereas larger ones may take a few months to disappear.

An additional, newer type of spider vein treatment being used is the endovenous laser therapy (EVLT). This is often used instead of having to surgically remove a vein. The treatment works inside of the vein via a laser fiber in order to destroy it. The treated vein often takes about a year to disappear with this type of spider vein treatment.

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