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Is Endovenous Laser Ablation the Best Treatment Option for Varicose Veins?

When you have varicose veins, you might find that living with these veins is something which doesn’t bother you. In the alternative, some individuals don’t like the looks of the veins and strive to find ways to rid themselves of these unsightly blemishes. The good news is that there are ways to treat varicose veins to make them disappear and help you obtain clear skin. One way to do so is through endovenous laser ablation. So, is endovenous laser ablation the best treatment for varicose veins? Learn more about this procedure below and decide whether this vein removal treatment is right for you.

What is Endovenous Laser Ablation?

Endovenous laser ablation is a laser procedure used to eliminate unsightly varicose veins. It is one of the more commonly used procedures for vein removal. Some of the other vein removal techniques include sclerotherapy, the VeinGogh treatment, and ambulatory phlebectomy. This type of treatment is not too invasive and can be completed in a doctor’s office with efficiency and effectiveness.

How is the Procedure Performed?

Endovenous laser ablation is a varicose vein removal procedure consisting of inserting a small laser fiber directly into the vein of the patient. Once in there, pulses of laser light are directed into the vein which will cause the vein to collapse. Local anesthesia will numb the area prior to the procedure being performed in this vein removal outpatient procedure. Not too much recovery time is needed with regard to this kind of vein removal treatment procedure.

Is Endovenous Laser Ablation the Best Treatment?

Whether endovenous laser ablation is the best treatment for varicose vein removal depends on a few different factors. First, you must take into consideration your individual vein issues as see whether this type of treatment will be the most successful with your individual case.

Secondly, when deciding whether or not endovenous laser ablation is the best treatment, you want to consider the invasiveness factor. Although a minimally invasive procedure, there is some slight invasiveness with regard to this treatment. So, you want to be sure you are comfortable with this aspect prior to obtaining this treatment.

Lastly, endovenous laser ablation treatment offers a success rate of 98% for patients the first time around. This shows that the success rate is extremely high and will help to eliminate veins and do so with the first treatment received.

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