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Welcome to the Vascular Surgery and Vein Center

Welcome to the Vascular Surgery and Vein Center, a comprehensive vascular practice providing state-of-the-art care to patients throughout the tri-state area. Under the direction of board-certified surgeon Dr. Norman Chideckel, we utilize our advanced skills and many years of experience to help patients achieve clear, beautiful and healthy legs. With our convenient Manhattan location, Dr. Chideckel offers… Continue Reading

Main Causes of Varicose Veins

When your vein walls and valves are weak, it could result in a medical condition called varicose veins. When the vein walls stretch and start to lose their elasticity, which leads to weaker valves that disrupt blood circulation. (Source) Because of lost elasticity, the valves fail to function properly and may result in the blood… Continue Reading

Venous Ultrasound

What is venous ultrasound? Vein specialists use venous ultrasound to create images of the body veins. The ultrasound machine emits sound waves and creates vein images. Doctors use this diagnosis procedure to identify blood clots, especially in the leg veins. For instance, when you suffer from deep vein thrombosis, the doctor takes ultrasound images to… Continue Reading

Vein Litigation & Stripping

What is vein litigation & stripping? In simple words, vein litigation and stripping involve incisions and the removal of bulging/twisted nerves from leg or thigh areas. It’s usually done for varicose vein removal to remove all the swollen twisted veins that cause an unpleasant appearance and impose severe health issues. Varicose veins usually appear bluish-green… Continue Reading

Vascular Surgeons & Hospital Affiliation

What are vascular surgeons? What kind of treatments do they offer? Do those treatments resemble the duties of a typical medical surgeon? In this post, you will get some answers to your typical vascular surgeon related questions. Who they are and what they do are some of the most commonly asked questions. However, if you’ve… Continue Reading

Venous Skin Ulcers & Treatment

A venous skin ulcer is a condition in your legs that causes pain and soreness. This condition is slow to heal because of weak blood flow in the legs. The condition can last from weeks to years. Thus, you need to consult professional vein specialists. Doctors refer to this condition as venous leg ulcers because… Continue Reading

Do Vascular Surgeons Work on Blood Clots?

Do vascular surgeons work on blood clots? Many diseases and disorders can have a detrimental effect on your body’s circulation and blood vessels. For one, blood clots deep inside the vascular system are a serious concern that’s most often ignored until it reaches a chronic stage. Whether you’re an elderly patient or a young adult,… Continue Reading

Types of Vein Disorders

Do you know that people can suffer from different types of vein disorders and diseases? While some of them are nothing to worry about and go away on their own, others require immediate medical attention and expensive treatments. Depending on an individual’s medical health status, they can become vulnerable to several vein disorders. (Source) Fortunately,… Continue Reading

Types of Vascular Surgeries

There are a few main types of vascular surgery, each for a different venous condition. Are you wondering whether or not you should get vascular for your venous disorders and medical health issues? Is venous blockage taking a toll on your overall health? You should know that many types of vascular surgeries are performed in… Continue Reading

Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) & Treatment

Deep vein thrombosis or DVT is a severe venous condition caused due to blood clotting. The blood may clot due to a wide range of problems deep inside the body. A blood clot is a solid clump of blood, blocking the vein. Blood clots or blockage in veins can cause many serious conditions. Usually, deep… Continue Reading

Chronic Venous Insufficiency

What is chronic venous insufficiency? Your legs encompass a lot of healthy blood flow from and to your heart. Every blood vessel in your legs contains a one-way natural valve that prevents the blood from following in the wrong direction, i.e., backward. If the blood starts flowing backward, it can be potentially disadvantageous to your… Continue Reading

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