Welcome to the Vascular Surgery and Vein Center

Welcome to the Vascular Surgery and Vein Center, a comprehensive vascular practice providing state-of-the-art care to patients throughout the tri-state area. Under the direction of board-certified surgeon Dr. Norman Chideckel, we utilize our advanced skills and many years of experience to help patients achieve clear, beautiful and healthy legs. With our convenient Manhattan location, Dr. Chideckel offers… Continue Reading

How Did I Get Varicose Veins? Causes and Treatments

Varicose veins are pretty common skin conditions which many people experience. Some veins are small and inconsequential whereas others are large and troublesome. No matter which category your varicose veins fall within, you may be interested in treating them and making them a thing of the past. You may also wonder, “What are varicose veins… Continue Reading

What is Sclerotherapy? Will it Get Rid of My Spider Veins?

Spider veins are a problem for many individuals, especially when they are readily visible for all to see. Fortunately, with today’s technology and medical offerings, getting rid of spider veins can be accomplished easily and with little discomfort on the part of the patient. One method to remove varicose veins is known as sclerotherapy. So,… Continue Reading

Venous Conditions That Require a Vascular Surgeon

Sometimes medical assistance is needed as it relates to veins in the body. There are a variety of venous conditions which often necessitate the help of a vascular surgeon, who is a specialist dealing with in the medical arena of veins. Some venous conditions are lower in urgency whereas others are more urgent as to… Continue Reading

What are Varicose Veins?

The appearance of Varicose veins can make people feel self-conscious about their bodies, especially during the summer, leg baring months. Varicose veins can draw unwanted attention because they stand out with their blue or purple color and often bulge from the surface of the skin. Their bulging appearance is usually larger in diameter than a… Continue Reading

Varicose Veins in Pregnancy

Many women go their life without a trace of visibly unattractive veins; then they are surprised to find varicose veins in pregnancy. Pregnancy can contribute to varicose veins in several different ways. As your uterus grows, this creates more pressure in your abdomen area; in turn, squeezing your veins. Hormone changes can affect your veins… Continue Reading

Treatment of Varicose Veins

Fortunately, treatment of varicose veins doesn’t include a hospital stay or a long, painful recovery. There are many routines you can add to your day that will help reduce the appearance of varicose veins and prevent new veins from surfacing. For those veins that are beyond your control or may be causing pain or restless… Continue Reading

Treatment of spider veins

Those small webs of blue or purple lines on legs can cause some women to lock themselves inside their house during the warm months. Spider veins can make you feel self-conscious and to some women they cause pain and discomfort. You will eventually ask yourself, how does one go about the treatment of spider veins?… Continue Reading

What are Spider Veins?

What are Spider Veins? Spider veins are a milder variation of varicose veins though they are still visibly unattractive lines on exposed skin. They tend to by much smaller and less swollen under the skin. Most spider veins range in sizes from the diameter of a hair to the size of spaghetti. They can be… Continue Reading

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