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Venous Skin Ulcers: Description & Treatment Options

Skin conditions are something which plague many of us. No matter how much we would love to have perfect skin, it doesn’t always turn out that way. However, with the wealth of medical assistance available these days, it’s now possible to treat skin conditions in an easier more efficient manner. This goes for treating venous skin ulcers as well. The following will highlight venous skin ulcers description & treatment options so you can determine if this skin condition is an issue for you and, if so, how you can treat it.

What Are Venous Skin Ulcers?

In order to treat venous skin ulcers, you first need to know what this skin condition consists of in general. Venous skin ulcers are shallow wounds which occur on the skin in areas when leg veins don’t return the blood to the heart as they should. Venous skin ulcers are also called venous insufficiency. Venous skin ulcers usually appear on the sides of one’s lower leg, in the area between the calf and ankle, and often present symptoms such as itching, burning, rash or dry skin. These venous skin ulcers do not heal too quickly and usually reappear if preventive measures are not taken.

What Causes Venous Skin Ulcers?

Venous skin ulcers are vascular issues which are caused by poor blood circulation. Other things which can contribute to the occurrence of venous skin ulcers include deep vein thrombosis, previous leg injury, varicose veins, obesity, smoking, lack of physical activity, and continual standing. Venous skin ulcers are not isolated events. These types of skin conditions can go away and reappear, unless you start working towards eliminating the things which contribute to the formation of venous skin ulcers. If you are concerned about current venous skin ulcers, there are treatment methods available to make your venous skin ulcers go away. A medical health professional can diagnose your skin condition and treat it accordingly in various manners once a diagnosis has been made.

Venous Skin Ulcers Treatment Options

If you have venous skin ulcers, you will most likely be eager to get rid of them whenever possible and prevent them from returning. Compression stockings can be worn to improve blood circulation, sitting with your legs raised for certain lengths of time will help, and, when necessary, vein surgery may be necessary to treat venous skin ulcers and improve circulation. Preventing venous skin ulcers from reoccurring in the future can be accomplished by quitting smoking, being more active, and losing weight. All of these things will help you to improve your circulation.

Norman Chideckel, MD, Can Diagnose Your Venous Skin Ulcers and Offer Solutions

If you think that you might have venous skin ulcers, the best way to be certain is to consult a doctor. Norman Chideckel, MD, is a vein specialist, based in Manhattan, who will evaluate your condition and offer treatment options for you.

Venous skin ulcers can be treated in various ways as well as prevented from occurring in the future. Dr. Chideckel will see you in an initial consultation, learn more about your condition, and then help you to get rid of those venous skin ulcers quickly and effectively.

Contact Dr. Chideckel today for an appointment and start finding a solution to your venous skin ulcers by meeting with a board-certified vascular specialist in this area.

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