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What Is Ambulatory Phlebectomy?

Vein removal is a type of dermatology procedure which individuals with visually unpleasant veins often seek out in an attempt to obtain clear, vein-free skin. This type of treatment comes in a variety of forms and there are many options available these days which the patient can choose from in order to remedy their varicose vein problems. One type of vein removal treatment method is an ambulatory phlebectomy. So, what is ambulatory phlebectomy and can this work for you?

Details Surrounding the Ambulatory Phlebectomy

An ambulatory phlebectomy is sometimes recommended as the proper procedure for treating varicose veins. This type of procedure works to remove superficial veins by way of small incisions in the skin. The outpatient procedure involves your doctor making tiny skin punctures and removing the veins via this method. The parts of your skin being treated will be numbed prior to the procedure taking place and scarring will be minimal post-procedure.

Do You Need an Ambulatory Phlebectomy?

When deciding if you need ambulatory phlebectomy to treat your vein issues, you should consult your doctor in the beginning of the decision making process to see if your medical professional recommends this type of treatment to fix your varicose vein problem. If you are interested in removing visible veins from your skin, ambulatory phlebectomy is one way to go about doing so. With that said, there are also a wide array of other vein removal procedures which can be completed to accomplish similar results, including the VeinGogh procedure, laser treatments, and sclerotherapy, to name a few options. If you are considering a vein removal procedure, ask about the ambulatory phlebectomy and see if this might be an option for you and your individual vein issues.

Is the Ambulatory Phlebectomy the Right Way to Treat Your Vein Issues?

The best way to know if an ambulatory phlebectomy is the proper way to treat your specific vein issue is by consulting your doctor. A reputable medical professional will diagnose your issue and then discuss possible treatment methods for you to consider. With the help of your doctor, you can consider each option carefully and decide which procedure to pursue. The ambulatory phlebectomy may be the proper procedure to obtain or perhaps another vein removal method may be more in keeping with the desired treatment plan.

Dr. Norman Chideckel Can Help with Your Vein Removal Needs

Are you ready to start looking into vein removal options, such as the ambulatory phlebectomy? Dr. Norman Chideckel in New York City can help you with all of your vein removal needs. When you schedule a consultation with Dr. Norman Chideckel, this best vein doctor NYC will diagnose your vein-related medical issues, offer up potential treatment options, and help you find a treatment plan which is in keeping with your desired goals and comfort level.

Dr. Chideckel is highly trained in treating varicose veins of a wide array and will help you to explore the many options available to you as they relate to vein removal. Some of the treatment options which offers include ambulatory phlebectomy, sclerotherapy, VeinGogh, venous ultrasound, and endovenous laser ablation. Dr. Chideckel will properly evaluate your condition and show you the various treatment options which exist.

Contact Dr. Norman Chideckel of the Vascular Surgery and Vein Center in New York City today and schedule an appointment to discuss your individual vein removal needs.


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